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Are questions important?

Get Curious

Curiosity never killed the cat when it comes to sales. Upon your initial greeting with either a new prospect or a current customer, approach the meeting with a sense of curiosity. Find something to be ‘curious' about. This conveys that you are ‘interested' in the person – the company.

What effect does the discovery process have on my customer?

Why ask questions

When we ask questions about a customer's business, we convey sincere interest in their business. When they talk about ‘their' business, they will realize their own needs, problems, situations which will sensitize them to being open to listen to your sales story.

What is the most important step of my sales call?

Ask Questions

The most important step of the sales process is to ask relevant questions to your prospect. Questions should be asked in a conversational tone. The questions you ask will determine the 'information' you gather - that will lead you to make the sale. Question wisely. Listen intently.

How many questions should I ask?

Phrase your question properly for best result

It's very important to always ask open-ended questions in order to get your prospect to do the talking. Begin questions with Who-What-When-Where-How-Why.

Remember, if he says it - it is true. You can remind him what 'he' said later when needed in the close steps.

How do I determine if my prospect will buy from me?

Why People Really Buy

Understanding your customer`s buying process makes you much smarter and more successful if you understand `why people really buy`. People buy for their own reasons, not for yours. Until you know your customer`s reasons for wanting, or not wanting, to buy your product/`re in the dark! It doesn`t matter how many reasons you give for believing your product/service is a great buy, they will mean nothing unless your customer has solid reasons of his own for wanting to do business with you. Customers face new problems every day that can radically alter their needs for your products/services. The key is to stay in contact with your prospects...and ALWAYS ask questions to learn where they are in terms of needing your product/service.

What really makes the difference?

Develop the solution

When in the discovery step of the sale, you need to gather information that is relevant to your objective and the customer's objective. The facts you learn, when put together in a logical manner, will lead you to your solution for the customer.

How do I develop my questions list?

Quality Questions

In order to get better information from a prospect, you have to ask better questions. Ask Quality Questions over Quantity of Questions. Quality Questions give you facts that will impact the decision making process of your prospect to buy – or not to buy.

How does good discovery questioning pay off?

Discovery pay-offs

The questions we ask we can lead to and develop the customer 'hot button', increase our business knowledge, obtain clues for possible future objections, and give us a better grasp of our customer's problems, needs, situations. Good questions will give us the facts on which to make a sound and solid solution recommendation.

Should I take notes while chatting with my prospect?


The most important step of your sales process should be the 'Fact-Finding' step. This is the step that allows you to ask the questions that will uncover prospect's needs that will relate to your product/service. When asking your prospect questions 'to learn about his business', be sure to TAKE WRITTEN NOTES. When the prospect sees you taking notes, he 'feels' that what he is saying is important to you. This will also give you ammunition when you begin to solve his problems by recommending your product solutions.

Do we really hear what our customer tells us?

What are they really saying?

When we ask our prospects specific questions to learn more about their business situations, it is important that we 'listen'. Too often, we are trying to figure out what 'our' next move will be that we miss an important 'clue' that will make the difference for us. When you ask your prospect a question - LISTEN to his answer.

How do I ask ‘dumb questions’ on a sales call?

Dumb Questions

Go ahead and ask that dumb question. Many times it is not the question that you ask but the ones you don't ask that will shape the outcome of the sale.

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