What is the Best Techniques When Attempting An Upsale

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What are the best techniques to use when attempting an upsale?

What is the Best Techniques When Attempting An Upsale

In any business, there are two basic ways to increase your product distribution. The first is to new customers or the second way is to "upsell" which means getting your existing customer to buy more or buy more frequently.
One of the most common upsale techniques is the "do you want fries with your order" strategy. By add something you have of value or as part of a package you increase you sales while you have already established rapport with the customer. Upselling is just presenting the information in a "by-the-way" assumptive manner.
You've got to assume that the customer will naturally want this. Another technique is to give a brief benefit statement about an additional product without sounding too pushy.
An example of a smooth upsales technique is that used in restuarants. A good business will understand that by just asking your diner if they want dessert, you could stand a chance of losing the sale because the customer might feel like they would appear to overindulge.
A good upsell would be to bring out the dessert tray, describe each item and get the customer to feel like they are treating themselves to a finishing touch.
Giving a hands-on demonstration is another technique that is highly effective. It's a good idea to group similar add-ons and offer them as an upsale at a package price.
Professional training on upsales is important to all employees in the company.

* No attempt is made to upsell.

* The salesperson comes across as too pushy.

* The upselling is made unconvincingly so the customer generally refuses.

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