What do I do if a customer says they are not interested?

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Customer says I am not interested?

What do I do if a customer says they are not interested?

One of the most common objections you will hear in sales is “No, I'm not interested.” Studies show a prospect says "no" on an average of five times before they actually buy. An objection of "no" is actually nothing more than a request for additional information. A person will buy when they have been convinced that they need the product or it is a fair price.
When you hear this objection, which you will hear more often than not, the best response is: “Why? Can you tell me what about our product or service is not interesting to you?” Keep the customer engaged so that you can learn if the “No” is actually “NO”.
You can't please everyone, so don't try. Instead, target your products or services to those customers most likely to buy what you offer.



10/30/2007 3:33:09 PM
Antiwestmo said:

This is BS. Anytime you say "WHY" to this question you're opening yourself up to be hung up on, or giving them a chance to make themselves even more right and make you more wrong. You have to give suggestions: "Is it the service I'll render, is it the price?" Really narrow it down. Then you have to have a strategy for ANSWERING the objection (Feel Felt Found, etc) then you have to bing it back around and close for an appointment, meeting, etc. It's not as simple as just asking "WHY?"

7/8/2009 8:45:04 PM
Mim said:

thanks for this tip it really helped,

8/26/2011 11:35:47 AM
ishmael said:

this is a good tip.


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