What terms apply to hotel sales

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Please advise all the terms used in hotel sales .

What terms apply to hotel sales

If you are in hotel sales, it is not enough to know about your rooms inventory and meeting space. Clients will want to know about important ancillary issues such as fire safety. The best sales people are those who anticipate clients' concerns, questions and skepticism about the hotel.
Sales terms used within the framework of a hotel It can be the technical term of the service such as reservation or even statements that add service to the customers such as "Have a nice day" "Hope to see you again". Reservations is the term applying to a customer requesting the services of that hotel.
Reservations guaranteed until a certain time guarantee the room will be available until but no later than the scheduled arrival date and time. After that date, hotels shall only guarantee the reservation if they have been given notice of the late arrival.
CANCELLATIONS: Reservations can be or somtimes not cancelled without incurring any costs with the hotel up a set time prior to the arrival date. AVAILABILITY OF THE ROOMS
The hotel can determine how many rooms will be available for booking and at what time they will be available for use.
RATES: What price the hotel will set for the use of the room.
Method of Payment: How will the room be paid for (cash, credit card, invoiced) and what time period the payment is due.
LIABILITY: What is the hotel liable for in terms of damage or injury to the guest
COMPLAINTS: If there are complaints being aired by a guest, where are they made.



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