Dress for Success

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What are the best colors to wear on a sales call?

Dress for Success

Studies conducted over many years still indicate the same conclusion. The best (power) colors to wear in business meetings are navy blue suit, white shirt/blouse, red accessories, and 'black' shoes!

I decided to do the color test myself, so I recently headed out in a navy blue suit, white shirt, a red scarf, and black shoes.

The result: I was shown to the President's office when I went by the bank - where I met him for the first time (I have banked there for 15 years!) We had coffee and a nice visit.

At the car dealer while I waited on a minor repair, a young lady sat down in the waiting area with me. Looking up from my reading material I said 'hello'. Her reply was, "You look like someone important." I was stunned!!! I told her that we are all important, and thanked her for the compliment.

So, if that's the way a bank president and a senior high school student interpreted my ‘colors'… I think I will wear red, white, and blue (and black shoes) on MY next sales call!!!



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