Today's sales professional

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Why do people look down on sales people?

Today's sales professional

Many people I encounter today still have a negative attitude about sales people. Why? Well, apparently some still tend to view a sales professional as a door-to-door salesman. They view a sales person as trying to sell something to them that they don't need. These people may remember a profile of long ago - the vacuum cleaner salesman! What people don't understand is that to be a professional sales person, many skills, qualities, abilities, and immense knowledge is used. Today, sales professionals have the ability to earn as great or greater income than those they sell to. A great sales professional should receive as much respect as a doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief. After all, isn't everyone a sales person? Do you sell your kids on doing their homework, cleaning their rooms? Does your stockbroker sell you on buying investments? Does your doctor sell you on having that surgery he recommends? Of course. Be proud to be a professional sales person – all the way to the bank.



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