Give yourself some points!

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How do I tell if I´m making progress?

Give yourself some points!

One of the best ways to succeed in sales is to develop your own set of daily objectives. For example, you might set a goal of achieving `20 points` a day (this is a fun way to do it). Then, you decide how to get 20 points. Make it a goal to reach your 20 points every day and you`ll be surprized how fast your sales add up to. Some days you will need to `mix & match` to achieve your daily goals...and some days you`ll have time to spare :-)

Following is an example of how to set up your own point system:

1 personal sales call = 2 points
1 telephone sales call = 1/2 point
1 presentation = 5 points
1 proposal = 10 points
1 sale = 20 points



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