Update your skills

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I was trained years ago to sell...but it´s not working anymore. ?.

Update your skills

Do sales professionals today use the same sales techniques as they did decades ago? Not really! Just as hairstyles, music, automobiles, clothing, and other `things`change, so does business and the skills used to be successful. Business, in general, has changed HUGELY over the last 35 years (computers, fax, cell phones, Internet, and more ways than I can list here) and so have sales professionals. It`s the `good ole boy` mentality that gave the sales profession little credibility (the traveling salesman). Today, being a sales professional is a position to be as proud of as being a doctor or a lawyer. If you walk in a door as one of the `good ole boys` and expect a sale, well "Good Luck". To be effective in selling today`s business people, move forward - not backward! Update your skills, your company, your tools, and your mind!



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