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What should my recommendation tell?

Your Recommendation

When making a recommendation for your prospect to buy your 'stuff', be sure to present reasons for them to buy. Remember...solve a need, problem, or improve a current situation. The Key: Give them reasons to buy.

How flexible should I be when presenting my solution?


Get your prospect involved in your recommendation to his problem, need, situation. You can do this by asking, "Would you prefer red, white, or blue?" A little flexibility in the small details will help the prospect to make the decision to buy. IF he chooses one of the options, you're about 95% sure of the sale.
HOWEVER...too much flexibility can kill the sale. If you're making a recommendation, be prepared to back up 'why' what you're recommending is the right solution. Remember, YOU are the expert on your products/services.

What do I accomplish in my recommendation?

Provide The Solution

Your recommendation should be designed to relate value to your customer. Here is where your product or service begins showing logical and practical solutions to the customer's problems, needs, and goals. This is where you lay out your plan of action and explain how the process will work for your customer. This step will also uncover and give you the opportunity to dispose of potential objections.

How do I present my offer to the prospect?

Be Logical

When presenting your proposal to your prospect's situation, be sure you follow a simple process for presenting your findings - in a manner that provides a successful plan to provide a solid and sound solution.

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