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No matter what sales approcah I use or who I target, people just never buy from me. I also have customers that lie to my face by telling me they want the product but take no action in making the purchase. You have any ideas?

I can't close sales

Closing sales means getting close and personal. If you are having problems in closing sales, don't be afraid to ask for an honest opinion from a potential customeras to why they won't buy from you. Often times we just didn't ask for the sale. Asking open ended questions such as "would you like that shipped overnight or ground" "do you want a net 30 invoice?" "I can deliver the product by Friday, does that work with your schedule?" Don't give your buyers a chance to say no or wait later to buy. If a customer walks away, you might have lost the transaction and given an opportunity for a competitor to step in.

What´s the difference in sales training or sales education?

Training or Education?

What is the difference between training and eduation when it comes to sales? Training teaches a person to do specific things specific ways to be successful. Education teaches a person to think about how to find new ways of doing the right things.

Stanley Marcus once said, "You don`t train people; you train dogs and elephants; you educate people."

Educate means to change from within. Training provides an external skill. Education teaches people how to think, and adds built-in qualities to success.

To learn more about this `educational` concept, read the article titled: "From Training To Education" by Nido R. Qubein. It just makes sense!

(You can probably find the article by searching the site at: www.yoursuccesstore.com )

Get educated!

How do I get organized?

Get Organized!

Whether you use the hand-written appointment book, or a computer software program, it`s critical to your success to be organized. Knowing where things are, your agenda for the day, and how you need to allocate your time is imperative to success. When you get to the point that you feel totally disorganized...take an `Organize Yourself` day to get back on track. When you are organized...you accomplish more!

What can I do to win a sale?

Build Your Case

Because sales professionals are 'professionals' they must look at a sale just like an attorney would look at a new client. To 'win' you must build a 'case' that will cause your 'client' to think that he'd be an absolute 'idiot' to buy from anyone else but you - regardless of the price. You can do this by educating your prospects on your services and products. Teach them 'why' you are the best choice of all the choices out there.

How do I keep my prospects organized?

Get your ACT together!

The best way to keep your prospect and customer base up to date is by using some type of Contact Management system. In the old days, sales pros used the 3x5 card system. Today, the most successful sales professionals use a computer software program. One of the most popular contact management software programs out today is: ACT!

Will I learn anything from self-improvement audiotapes?

Learning is Fun.

As each day comes and goes, so does 'change'. For us to stay up with the world - new technology, new discoveries, new challenges to solve - we are in constant need of improvement ourselves. Your desire to learn should be never-ending. I used to find audio tapes dull and boring, until one day I listened, really listened, to the message. It was fun-nee! Since then, I listen to self-improvement speakers, increase-your-skills speakers, and others with a message and/or 'secrets' to share on a regular basis. With each program I explore, I learn something new. I'm challenged. I smile. I have FUN testing the waters with new ideas.

If you want to become a good salesperson, practice what works best for you today. If you want to become a GREAT salesperson...learn from the GREAT ones and implement new ideas - today.

Is it important to update my sales skills?

Updated skills

Do sales professionals today use the same sales techniques as they did decades ago? Not really! Just as hairstyles, music, automobiles, clothing, and other `things`change, so does business and the skills used to be successful. Business, in general, has changed HUGELY over the last 35 years (computers, fax, cell phones, Internet, and more ways than I can list here) and so have sales professionals. It`s the `good ole boy` mentality that gave the sales profession little credibility (the traveling salesman). Today, being a sales professional is a position to be as proud of as being a doctor or a lawyer. If you walk in a door as one of the `good ole boys` and expect a sale, well "Good Luck". To be effective in selling today`s business people, move forward - not backward! Update your skills, your company, your tools, and your mind!

What are the best sales tips for selling commercial insurance to companies when you are a new company with small budget???

Selling insurance from a new company

The first thing to remember when selling commercial insurance if you are a small company is to promote yourself as a sales person first. Building trust that, you the salesperson, is reliable, honest and customer service orientened is very important. People buy insurance from someone they can trust, who is hard working and who is available. Service in smaller or new company can sometimes exceed the bigger, more complex competitors. When you are confident, willing to solve problems and know what product can benefit your client's needs, it can make your job a little easier.

Why should I read?

A new idea

Read, read, read. I seldom read a book or article that does not inspire a new idea.
Many sales books will cover some of the same things; however, within each author's mind lies a wealth of information and knowledge that, when shared, will help you to grow and succeed.

What is the best training topic?

Training Topics

Many sales trainers specialize in only one phase of a successful sales training program. Examples would be those who specialize in areas such as: Closing. Asking questions. Negotiation. Relationship building. How to use the telephone to get to the right person. Making presentations.

Each of these areas can benefit you once you know the selling process as a whole. Without understanding the complete sales process, each of the topics is just one piece of the pie. Once you understand the complete process, each of the topics will enrich specific areas of your sales expertise.

What´s the best website to learn how to sell?

Selling Website

At Lifetips, we are becoming the leader offering tips on a variety of topics. At www.Selling-Tips.com you will find that it is "the place to go when you need to know" more about the profession of 'sales'. Visit often and learn to apply the selling tips to your own products and services. The ultimate goal on this site is to inform and guide you to the top - to share with you all the 'tips' that make super stars - SUPER STARS. Welcome to Selling-Tips...The place to go when you need to know - more about selling strategies.

I have printed 1000 sets (a text and a workbook) to teach Spanish to children. I sold 200 in a year. Which are the best ways to move them quickly? Thanks, rita wirkala

Marketing language books

Selling language learning books has the same strategy as selling any other book. Target your audience. If your book is acceptable at school systems, it is worth a try to get your book carried by a national educational book distributor. It might mean giving up a little on the profit margin but the good distributor can move a lot of books. Build a website that sells the book. Don't be afraid to write or contact private schools who might provide the class. Offer a free book to someone who might be influencial in the school, especially a teacher. The media loves authors and a little publicity by any newspaper or magazine is always welcome. Amazon and Barnes and Noble distribution can be obtainable if you send them a book for review and know the rules of their operation.

What do corporate training programs offer?

Sales Training

There are many sales trainers out there in 'Corporate America' today, so how do you know which one will provide the best 'training' for you? The first thing you need to do is to learn the basic steps of a sales situation, then you can gain better insight to the specific programs offered. It's like the icing on the cake. Once you know the basic steps to follow, the training on specific steps will improve the overall process. Want to learn what the basic steps are? Click on the 'Hire Guru' tab on the right side of this site and let's design the perfect training program for your organization.

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