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How do I handle objections?

Handling Objections

In order to defuse customer objections, there are a few steps you should follow:

LISTEN to see if it`s a real objection.

ACKNOWLEDGE that you understand the customer`s concern.

QUESTION using soft words "Just suppose...".

EXPLAIN the relation to customer concern with benefit.

REVIEW what`s just happened and the final outcome.

Objections scare me, how should I handle them?

Handle Objections

In selling any product or service, objections must be anticipated. In many cases objections are taken as a form of rejection to a recommendation or a flat ‘no' to your proposal. This is NOT true. The customer is actually just asking a question. Answer each objection as if it is only a question by providing specific benefits and values of your product/service and the interview can result in a sale.

What if I’m right?

Believe in yourself

When you encounter someone with an opinion that differs greatly than yours regarding your product or service, be able to defend your reasoning and thinking and be able to explain why you believe the way that you do. In other words, don't argue (never argue) but stand up for yourself.

I get discouraged. What should I do?


In order to succeed in sales, you must be able to handle rejection in a positive way. When someone says 'no' to your recommendation, you must determine if the reason for 'no' is a valid reason. If it is - or you just can't answer it - then you must be able to rapidly recover your energy and enthusiasm and go on to the next opportunity.

How do I get my prospects to buy today?

Get them to buy NOW

When a prospect avoids making the decision to `buy` from you, it`s typically because they have no sense of urgency to buy. Your challenge is to prove to the prospect that buying `now` is best for them and you must be able to offer support and quality reasons `why`. What will they miss if they wait even one more day? What are the potential opportunities if they go ahead and get started on the program `now`? WHY is it important for them to buy `now`? In other words, what`s in it for them? Remember...the reason a customer buys your product or service is because of what it can do for `them`. Tell them.

How do I deal with a slumping economy?

Slumping Economy

A slumping economy occurs when people stop buying and selling. At this time, more than ever, you need to present the benefits and values of your products and services. Think about it - when the economy is slow, prospects have many needs, problems, and goals that they need solutions for. They may need to reduce expenses in a specific area. How can you help them reduce expenses? They may need to grow sales. Can your product or service help them accomplish that? Back to basics: provide the solution that meets a need.

Why do customer questions seem like rejection?

The Real Question

When a customer asks you a question about your product or service, think about the real question being asked. He's asking for clarification of the benefits that you can provide. How would you answer this type question? Provide the benefits and reasons to buy your product, your service, your company, you.

How do I overcome false objections?

False Objections

What are false objections? False objections are what people will tell you to get rid of you...when they don't want to tell you the true reasons for not being interested in your products and service. How do you recognize false objections? They are the ones that you can not control - only the customer can control them. How do you overcome them? Find a way to help control the outcome. Help solve a problem.

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