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What is a sales professional?

You are a sales professional

A sales rep is a key element to the company because their position is the point-of-contact with the market. Everything depends on their ability to find and uncover needs – to solve customer problems – to transmit the right sales story – and, in general, to achieve the highest level of professionalism.

I´m bored with my sales job, what should I do?


One thing you can count on in sales is that no two days will ever be the same. If they do get to that point, you need to do something. When we stop changing – or see that change is happening all around us – we need to put on the roller blades and get moving …FAST.

How do I fit in a sales position?

YOU are sales

In the sales profession YOU are the company, the product, the service. What you do and how you do it will impact your success. Perfect your skills in personal contact, product demonstration, asking and answering questions, overcoming objections, and providing reasons to buy your stuff. Tell your story, create a need, solve a problem, and take care of follow-up procedures correctly. YOU are sales.

Why do people look down on sales people?

Today's sales professional

Many people I encounter today still have a negative attitude about sales people. Why? Well, apparently some still tend to view a sales professional as a door-to-door salesman. They view a sales person as trying to sell something to them that they don't need. These people may remember a profile of long ago - the vacuum cleaner salesman! What people don't understand is that to be a professional sales person, many skills, qualities, abilities, and immense knowledge is used. Today, sales professionals have the ability to earn as great or greater income than those they sell to. A great sales professional should receive as much respect as a doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief. After all, isn't everyone a sales person? Do you sell your kids on doing their homework, cleaning their rooms? Does your stockbroker sell you on buying investments? Does your doctor sell you on having that surgery he recommends? Of course. Be proud to be a professional sales person – all the way to the bank.

What habits should I have to be a great salesperson?

Sales Trends

Sales professionals are working more and more from home offices and using technology to research their prospects, communicate with prospects and customers, and actually develop the solutions. The trend that is affecting sales people the most is utilizing the Internet. Learn to use your computer and you will see your sales results increase.

What product or service should I sell?

What are you going to sell?

When you're wondering what product or service is best for you to sell, my challenge to you is to think of the products and services that you are most interested in. Think of something that creates passion in your soul. How many companies can you think of that DON'T sell something? Once you determine ‘your passion' contact those companies with involvement in that industry.

How do I learn the sales terms used in the profession?

Sales Terms

Your credibility as a sales professional will be directly related to your understanding of common sales terms. When you hear a sales term that you are not familiar with, take some time to research that term and learn exactly what it means. You can ask your sales manager to explain specific terms and also find meanings in books and online at various sales training sites. To become one of the best - learn the language.

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