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I need someone to support my efforts and lead me in the right directio

Find a Mentor

Moral support, encouragement, a pat on the back once in awhile, along with someone to give me directions and a green light…one block at a time… is so very important! My suggestion is to find two mentors: 1. Someone who is knowledgeable in your industry. 2. Someone who is knowledgeable in areas that you're still learning.

I tried to go it alone, on my own, for years. One day, I took action and ended up finding the perfect ‘mentors'. I call them: GuruDon and GuruMalcolm. They're making a HUGE difference in my life. A mentor can do that for YOU, too.

Can the Selling Guru help me?

E-Mail help

Wow...your very own Sales Guru. When you come across a sales situation that stumps you or you just need a new idea, you can 'ASK GURU'. Go to the 'ASK GURU' tab and complete the form. Ask your selling-related question and receive personal input from the Selling Guru. You can also send e-mail directly to:

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Would you like to receive a FREE weekly Selling Tip that will inform and inspire you to increase your selling skills and knowledge? Sign up to receive it right here at: and grow those sales results. You can also go to the 'Tipsletters' tab in the right column to read all the previous Tipsletters. By subscribing to the Tipsletter, you'll receive a weekly sales topic that can improve your knowledge and skills. Ah, your very own Sales Coach :-)

Should I visit the Selling Tips site every week?


Consistent practice doing the right things, following the right steps, designing the right process - all lead to success if the 'right' things are consistently practiced.

What are the Selling Tips for?

Selling Tips

The Selling-Tips you'll find at: are listed within each selling 'Category'. Click on any category in the middle section of this site to find a variety of sub-category topics. Within these topics you'll find the tips. These 'tips' can be applied to your specific products and services. They will provide a bit of wisdom based upon experience, and will help and inspire you to develop your selling skills.

Who can I ask for help on specific sales issues?


If you have sales questions or specific situations and would like to have some help or new ideas on how to handle them, etc., you can send an e-mail to:

The SellingGuru will offer advice, suggestions, and maybe even come up with the 'strategy' needed to make that sales experience a success. Happy Selling.

How do I share my sales situation?

Sales Articles

Would you like to share your sales story? The 'Articles' section at is for YOU ... the field ... to share your ideas, stories, funnies, and anything that can add to our 'selling' proficiency. So, tell us your story. We'll post them in the 'Articles' tab for all to share.

To submit your 'Article', go to the 'ASK GURU' tab and complete the form. Just paste your 'Article' in the section asking for your input.

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