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I'm a pet training instructor. How do I sell classes, create customers and continue from there?

Creating your business

Starting a pet obedience business is not much different than any other business. Targeting your customers is the number one step. Obviously young dogs are your prime audience. The first step is to introduce yourself with a flyer and business card to pet shops, dog breeders and dog groomers. Another marketing idea for a new business is to place a flyer on a grocery store bulletin board, especially if you can offer any introductory price. Small classified newspapers offer good rates to advertise in your area. Customer referrals are a gold mine. Don't be shy about asking for other names when your training class is complete. Keep in touch with your customers after your class. Do some followup on how the pet is doing. It gives you the opportunity to find additional business and keep your name in the market. Also monitor what your customers think of your service.

Testimonials come in handy. Remember every good customer can generate you 20 more. Never forget a dog's name, we all love our pets!

Do you follow a daily plan?

Have a plan

Ever hear that phrase, "Plan your work and work your plan". That's exactly the way to be a success at most any endeavor you assume.

How does good preparation help in my customer contacts?

Finding Information

Finding information on your prospect is the most fun part of your sales process. You can learn so much about business, industry, products, services, etc. by doing research on your prospects. Go online to the business sites, read the newspapers, look at their ads in the yellow pages, peruse industry magazines. They're all trying to get their word (advertising & marketing) out to us - learn what you can about them and their products from any means possible before making the sales call.

How does good preparation help in my customer contacts?

Always do your Preparation

Good preparation before your customer meeting will give you confidence, provide the solution to your prospects problems and needs, provide clues for anticipated objections, give direction to the entire interview, and open new doors for further opportunity development.

What effect does good preparation have on my customer?

Know your stuff

Good preparation gives your customer confidence in you and your ability, knowledge and skills. They realize you are a professional, know what you're talking about and can help them. They will be more receptive to your ideas and recommendations, and will appreciate the time you invested to learn a bit about them and their company.

Why should I do homework before making a sales call?

Know what you're walking into

The most important thing you can do before calling on a company is to learn all you can about that organization. Proper research will give you valuable information and prepare you for the discovery conversation, your recommendation, and a successful sales call.

I am having a hard time finding clients for my life insurance business. Please advise.

Why Purchase Term Insurance

Selling life insurance is a challenging but rewarding job if you understand your product. Selling life insurance has many advantages over selling whole life insurance. The first benefit is that term insurance carries a relatively smaller payout every month on premiums. The customer can buy a great deal more coverage than with whole life. Depending upon each individual insurance need, with term insurance, should the shareholder die in the first few years of coverage, the cost of the term will be less than the cost of whole life policies. Savings on early premiums can be invested to further reduce the debt of the policy. Another good point with term life insurance is that the return on a term life policy can typically be greater in a favorable economic market.

Why get organized?

Organize Yourself

It is much easier to start your day for productivity when you are organized. Know where things are, what you will need, and have a plan.

Why should I do homework before making a sales call?

Add a little Magic

Add a little magic to your preparation by adding something customized for the company you plan to meet with. When they see that you've added a special touch ‘just for them' – it's magical how the interest rises.

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