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I need to know as much Info on DEEP SELLING an account as possible, the who what when where hows and why`s, If you could help me with this i would be very appreciative!!!

Deep Selling

Deep selling is simply an in depth understanding of who makes the decisions in purchasing a product. Once you determine the who, its good to know what the company is buying, from which company and why are they purchasing from that company. Is it price, service, availability or just a good relationship with that sales person. Having all the answers to the buying process helps you in getting the customer on your side.

What if I fail?

You never fail

I don't like the word 'failure'. My interpretation of sales does not include failure. My belief is that you never fail - you learn from your experiences. While some see a lost sale as failure, I see it as a way to learn something - what did I do or not do that made the difference there? The only place where it matters if you make a mistake is in school. In the real world, if you have never 'failed' you have never tried.

How do I increase my customer base?

Customers are everywhere

Customers are people - just like you and me. We have many similarities (we all need your product), and we are all different (I like coffee, you won't touch the stuff). Being able to adjust your stature and behavior to others in subtle ways will make them feel more comfortable doing business with you.

When do I report my sales?

The chicken or the egg?

Never report a sale until you have the signed agreement in your hands. If a customer changes his/her mind, then it`s out of your hands; however, reporting sales before they are actually `a done deal` throws the hole `financial` process out of whack at some organizations. It also makes you look like the `wolf` the next time you have a `sale`.

How do I acknowledge someone for doing a great job?

Acknowledge - Appreciate

The highest form of recognition someone can give or receive is verbal or written acknowledgement and appreciation of a job well done.

How do I go achieve greater results than I am now?

Step out of the boat

If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.

I'm not sure who originally said this; however, I've discovered that to achieve great things one has to get out of their comfort zone over and over again. Staying inside your comfort zone will only lead to the same average results as before.

What is the best sales incentive?

Sales Incentives

With a diverse group of people on the same team, you will find that what motivates one will not necessarily motivate all. The best form of incentive is one that will allow all team members to choose what their reward will be.

What is the best award to give my superstars?

Types of Awards

The best rewards you can give your employees for achievement are awards that mean something to the recipient. A trophy-value award usually bears the company name & logo in some way. A lifestyle award is one that the recipient will use and enjoy on a daily basis. When an employee can choose from a wide selection of items, they will work harder to achieve results.

How can I make my quota?

Realistic Quotas

When your sales manager gives you a ‘quota', this can be a frightful experience. Most of the time your first thought may be, “How can I achieve this?” The key to achieving quotas is to view the quota as a ‘goal' from your manager. He/She is challenging you to reach a specific destination. Lay out a plan, take specific steps, start the process, take action…you only reach your goals and make your quotas – one sale at a time.

What do I do next?

Organize Yourself

Whether you use the handwritten appointment book, or a computer software program, it's critical to your success to be organized. Knowing where things are, your agenda for the day, and how you need to allocate your time is imperative to success. When you get to the point that you feel totally disorganized...take an 'Organize Yourself' day to get back on track. When you are accomplish more!

When I lose a sale what are some questions that I should ask?

Losing A Sale

To benefit from the sales that you lose, try to get some information as to why the prospect did not buy from you. Some of the questions you might ask:
1. Who did they buy from and why?
2. What could you have done differently to get their business?
3. When will they be making the next buying decision for your products or services?
4. Ask them to help you by offering any suggestions that you can do to make the difference in the future with them or any other customers...

How do I achieve a higher quota?

Quota Increases

Many times an organization needs to increase sales revenue. This usually includes increasing each sales person's quota. When your organization needs to increase the sales results and continue to do things the 'old' way, they can expect the same 'old' results. To improve (change) bottom line sales results requires other 'changes' in the system you follow. Many times the product needs to be updated, changed, improved. Many times the sales presentation needs improvement. So, to improve your bottom line sales results, improve your product.

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