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explain the various features to be successful in selling

What are the various features in successful sales

Successful selling is about using simple logic.
1. Begin with developing listening skills and less speaking skills. The most important is to not talk about yourself, your products, or to talk about your services.
2. Sell with questions, not answers. Focus and probe on why your potential customer wants to buy.
3. Ask about products and services the customer is already using. Find out what they really want.
4. Never switch into sales mode. Speak to your customers as if you were speaking to a friend.
5. Watch for body language of your customer. Do they focus on what you are saying. Are they giving you signs that you no longer have their attention.
6. Answer each question briefly and move on. The sales call is not about you. Pick a few featurs and benefits of your product and go with that.
7. Ask for the sale. Once you've earned the trust and bond of your customer, ask for action. At this point it should never be a push for a sale but a mutual understanding about how your product will answer their needs.

What are the best techniques to use when attempting an upsale?

What is the Best Techniques When Attempting An Upsale

In any business, there are two basic ways to increase your product distribution. The first is to new customers or the second way is to "upsell" which means getting your existing customer to buy more or buy more frequently.
One of the most common upsale techniques is the "do you want fries with your order" strategy. By add something you have of value or as part of a package you increase you sales while you have already established rapport with the customer. Upselling is just presenting the information in a "by-the-way" assumptive manner.
You've got to assume that the customer will naturally want this. Another technique is to give a brief benefit statement about an additional product without sounding too pushy.
An example of a smooth upsales technique is that used in restuarants. A good business will understand that by just asking your diner if they want dessert, you could stand a chance of losing the sale because the customer might feel like they would appear to overindulge.
A good upsell would be to bring out the dessert tray, describe each item and get the customer to feel like they are treating themselves to a finishing touch.
Giving a hands-on demonstration is another technique that is highly effective. It's a good idea to group similar add-ons and offer them as an upsale at a package price.
Professional training on upsales is important to all employees in the company.

* No attempt is made to upsell.

* The salesperson comes across as too pushy.

* The upselling is made unconvincingly so the customer generally refuses.

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Customer says I am not interested?

What do I do if a customer says they are not interested?

One of the most common objections you will hear in sales is “No, I'm not interested.” Studies show a prospect says "no" on an average of five times before they actually buy. An objection of "no" is actually nothing more than a request for additional information. A person will buy when they have been convinced that they need the product or it is a fair price.
When you hear this objection, which you will hear more often than not, the best response is: “Why? Can you tell me what about our product or service is not interesting to you?” Keep the customer engaged so that you can learn if the “No” is actually “NO”.
You can't please everyone, so don't try. Instead, target your products or services to those customers most likely to buy what you offer.

how important is ethics in personal selling?

How Important Are Ethics in Personal Selling?

Ethics are the backbone of personal selling. It is important to note that principles of personal ethics are the first checkpoint in any situation, often overriding those at the professional and global levels. For example, when judging if a corporation has been socially responsible, we still need to consider principles of personal ethics as prerequisites. Personal ethics are the concern for the well-being of others, trustworthiness, refusing to take unfair advantage of your customer and honesty.

I need all the info you can spare on Deep Selling an account!

How to Deep Sell An Account

To "Deep Sell" means finding a lot of good variations on a successful product. If you were selling automobiles and featured a blue sporty model, you might expand that product by carrying it in red or black. Deep selling means listening to your customers needs and what objections they might have over a specific feature such as color.

Please advise all the terms used in hotel sales .

What terms apply to hotel sales

If you are in hotel sales, it is not enough to know about your rooms inventory and meeting space. Clients will want to know about important ancillary issues such as fire safety. The best sales people are those who anticipate clients' concerns, questions and skepticism about the hotel.
Sales terms used within the framework of a hotel It can be the technical term of the service such as reservation or even statements that add service to the customers such as "Have a nice day" "Hope to see you again". Reservations is the term applying to a customer requesting the services of that hotel.
Reservations guaranteed until a certain time guarantee the room will be available until but no later than the scheduled arrival date and time. After that date, hotels shall only guarantee the reservation if they have been given notice of the late arrival.
CANCELLATIONS: Reservations can be or somtimes not cancelled without incurring any costs with the hotel up a set time prior to the arrival date. AVAILABILITY OF THE ROOMS
The hotel can determine how many rooms will be available for booking and at what time they will be available for use.
RATES: What price the hotel will set for the use of the room.
Method of Payment: How will the room be paid for (cash, credit card, invoiced) and what time period the payment is due.
LIABILITY: What is the hotel liable for in terms of damage or injury to the guest
COMPLAINTS: If there are complaints being aired by a guest, where are they made.

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