Selling Frequently Asked Questions

Does your customer trust your judgment?

How much do I need to know about my competitors?

How do I learn the sales terms used in the profession?

What sets the tone for meeting a new prospect or customer?

What is the best product or service for me to sell?

What will make a difference?

What ethics are important in sales?

Who do I call today?

What will put me at the top in performance?

How does good preparation help in my customer contacts?

How can I change my attitude?

What does ´visualization´ have to do with sales?

Are cold calls a thing of the past?

What is a NEW Call?

How do I deal with a slumping economy?

What is the best way to become a sales professional?

How do I begin the conversation with a prospect or customer?

How do I get my customers to spend more with me?

Can kids become good sales people?

What should I aim for?

How do I explain who my company is when no one has ever heard of us?

What do telemarketers really need to do?

How do I get a prospect to call me back or e-mail me back?

How can I tell who will buy the most?

What makes my presentation creative?

How do I handle an questionable ´ethical´ situation?

What´s the best website to learn how to sell?

What effect does good preparation have on my customer?

Why should I do homework before making a sales call?

What do prospects want to know?

What do I listen for?

How do I fit in a sales position?

How do I get over a sales slump?

Why do people look down on sales people?

What is the best way to make my sales calls flow smoothly?

What does ROI mean?

How do I grow my prospect list?

What are the best colors to wear on a sales call?

How do I explain features and benefits to my products?

What really makes the difference?

How do I bounce back from a no-sale no-win situation?

What ´things´ are you selling?

Who will buy my products and services?

What is the best thing I can sell?

I´m afraid to make sales calls, what should I do?

What do I do next?

Where do I find information on my prospects?

How do I move from introduction into the sale?

How can I get a specific client?

What is my target market?

What do I need to know about my prospects and customers?

Will I learn anything from self-improvement audiotapes?

How do I tell if my prospect or customer is interested?

What can I do to stand apart from my competitors?

How do I overcome false objections?

Should I use a telephone script when making sales calls?

What do corporate training programs offer?

Sure, I communicate. Doesn´t everyone?

How do I develop my questions list?

Objections scare me, how should I handle them?

Should I tell my prospect everything I know about my product?

What product or service should I sell?

What is a sales professional?

What can I do to get the prospect to remember what I tell him/her?

What is the most important step of my sales call?

Do salespeople have job security?

I´m hesitant about making changes, what should I do?

Can anyone be successful?

What trend is affecting the sales profession the most?

What habits should I have to be a great salesperson?

Are all my prospects alike?

What does diversity do within a company?

How do I get what I want?

What is professional selling?

How do I go achieve greater results than I am now?

How do I decide what to show my customer?

If my prospect is ready to buy, will he buy from me?

Why are details so important on forms?

Are you a leader or dictator?

What is the cost of an average sales call?

What really works for me?

How can I make the best presentation of all?

How do I go up the ladder to become a sales manager?

How to you manage sales people?

Do we really hear what our customer tells us?

What effect does the discovery process have on my customer?

How important is a short-term goal?

Who wants to hear my sales success story?

When am I ´late´ for an appointment?

What are the weekly Newsletters for?

What is the most important thing I can share about my product?

How do I get a prospect to buy ´now´?

Goals? Do I need them?

Do you follow a daily plan?

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

What do I accomplish in my presentation?

Where do I find sales jobs online?

What do I say when I meet my prospect for the first time?

I’m just too nervous when I meet someone, what to do?

How can I win over my competition?

-How do I use my experience?

How does my ´energy´ measure up?

How do I find new prospects?

What do I do when things change?

How do I start the sales process?

Are testimonial letters worthwhile?

How many questions should I ask?

What´s the best way to ask questions?

I´m bored with my sales job, what should I do?

How does good discovery questioning pay off?

What is my first step in making a sales call?

What effect does a good approach have on your customer?

What do I accomplish in my recommendation?

What is an Independent Contractor?

How flexible should I be when presenting my solution?

How do I figure out what I really want?

Should I take notes while chatting with my prospect?

What are the Selling Tips for?

What is the best training topic?

Why do others take credit for my work and what should I do?

How can I energize my sales calls?

Why should I read?

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

How do I stand out from the croud?

What if I’m right?

How do I ask ‘dumb questions’ on a sales call?

Who is my customer?

How do I motivate my sales reps?

What´s the best way to take care of a customer?

Why get organized?

How many of my customers should I try to renew and increase each year?

Where is a good place to find information on corporate prospects

How do I find the best sales people?

Tell me about Powerpoint presentations. Are they good?

What´s important in a written proposal?

What is the best sales incentive?

What´s a customer worth to me?

What are the consequences of no diversity?

Who can I ask for help on specific sales issues?

Should I visit the Selling Tips site every week?

How do I set a long-term goal?

Why do customer questions seem like rejection?

How does my approach affect the contact?

Should I take company executives with me on my sales calls?

I need someone to support my efforts and lead me in the right directio

Why do I have to do sales reports? Too much paperwork!

What if I fail?

What should my recommendation tell?

How do you get what you want?

Can the Selling Guru help me?

How do I acknowledge someone for doing a great job?

How do I become a better listener?

How do I become an effective leader?

What makes people buy?

How do I share my sales situation?

Why does our management team change so many things?

What is the best award to give my superstars?

What do goals do for me?

Why should I continue to serve current customers?

How do I increase my customer base?

How do I present my offer to the prospect?

I get discouraged. What should I do?

How do I overcome the poor quality of service that the prior rep did?

How do I achieve a higher quota?

What can I do to win a sale?

How can I make my quota?

What will give me the edge over other job candidates in sales?

What will gain me the edge with my prospect?

When I lose a sale what are some questions that I should ask?

What are YOU selling?

How do I determine if my prospect will buy from me?

What makes a prospect interested in my product?

What is the first step when I walk in a door?

What do I do to close a sale?

Why do people really buy a product or service?

What do I do if I dread my sales calls?

I don´t like doing paperwork, what´s the use?

What´s the best way to get more prospects?

What´s the best way to get improve my morale?

Why should my customer buy today?

What´s the best way to set appointments?

How do I work a territory?

How do I determine who makes the decision?

How do I make a good presentation?

How do I handle objections?

How do I show interest in my prospect?

Where do I find new prospects?

How do I keep all my prospects organized?

What if I lose a sale?

What are some types of closing?

How do I set daily goals?

How do I get my prospect to buy NOW?

How do I get my prospects to buy today?

I don´t talk alot...does that mean I can´t sell?

How do I prove I´m the best choice to a prospect?

What´s the difference in sales training or sales education?

How do I tell if I´m making progress?

How do I tell if I´m making progress?

What if I don´t believe in what I´m selling?

Are questions important?

How do I build credibility and gain respect with my prospects?

Can you read body language?

Are mentors useful?

I was trained years ago to sell...but it´s not working anymore. ?.

Is it important to update my sales skills?

What are you selling?

What can I do to stand out in a sales interview process?

What makes me look like I know what I´m doing?

When do I report my sales?

Can I fudge on my sales numbers?

How do I get out of a sales slump?

How do I keep my prospects organized?

How do I get organized?

What should I do if I don´t believe in my product or service?

What should I do if I don´t have the customer´s attention?

How should I act at the corporate party?

When is the best time to set goals?

What effect does my recommendation have on my customer?

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