What do YOU want?

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How do I figure out what I really want?

What do YOU want?

What do I want?

Isn't that THE very hardest question to answer when you're setting goals? It is for me. They say you can't get what you want - until you know what you want! Makes sense to me. We already know that it takes making that ‘invisible' goal into a ‘visible' goal in order for it to happen, so let's ‘visualize'. My challenge to YOU – right now – is to take out a piece of paper and number down the side 1 – 25. Go ahead. I'll wait. I'll be right HERE when you get that part finished. Go ahead…just me and Clippy here waiting ...

Still waiting - go ahead, number 1,2,3,4,5

Now, begin writing ‘the list' of everything you can imagine that you ‘want'. Don't think about it much, you already know what you want…just write it all down. All of it. New Boat, Increase Income 40%, more time with Mom, etc. Once you have the list, pick ONE. Your first question is: Which one of these do I ‘really' want? First? Before you pick it you must convince yourself – you must KNOW and BELIEVE - with all your heart: "Once you know what you want, you CAN get it - all."

Once you've chosen just one of these items listed – take the first step (ACTION) …even the tiniest little step… and you're on your way. The first step is the most frightening, the second establishes confidence and then it dawns on you: 'I am making it happen'.



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