Gain Respect & Credibility

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How do I build credibility and gain respect with my prospects?

Gain Respect & Credibility

It takes time to build 'credibility' regardless of anyone's age, gender, etc. Some things you might do are to dress 'professionally' when you're meeting face to face with prospects...going a bit further than Biz-Casual would certainly help with 'professional appearance credibility'. Respect...comes from the way you work with your prospects: get to know them as people - always 'do' what you tell them you are going to do - always 'offer to do SOMETHING' extra giving you a reason to continue to be in touch with serious prospects, just ... do something to make them remember YOU and as you do this, you'll be gaining respect (for keeping your word) and building credibility (as being very helpful). Know your product 'inside and out'. Make a list of the 'right questions' to ask to get them interested and begin 'feeling/seeing' themselves with your product.



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