Does you have a name for your close?

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What are some types of closing?

Does you have a name for your close?

These are some of the different types of closes:

APPOINTMENT: "Invest 20 minutes to....?"
DEMONSTRATION: "If I could show you ...?"
TEMPERATURE: "On a scale of 1 to 10 ...?"
ALTERNATIVE CHOICE: "This week or next ...?"
ASSUMPTIVE: "When to be installed?"
DIRECT: "Do you want to order today?"

When it comes to closing, the most important factor is to ask for the order in a way to get your customer to buy!



4/17/2007 12:35:26 PM
Val Sheppard said:

How about correcting your heading by having it read -- "Do you have a name for your close? The use of "Does" is incorrect grammatically.


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