What are you selling?

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What are you selling?

What are you selling?

Think of the word "sales" and you assume someone is selling some-THING ... like widgets, cars, houses, clothes, hamburgers, books, etc. When we think about what we `sell` and compare that to what we `buy`, we have a different view! What people buy are solutions. We buy a car so we can go places, clothes to make us look snazzy, widgets to play with, books to learn, etc. We buy is a `solution` to a need, desire, problem, etc. Keep this in mind when you make a sales call to sell your product or service. Put yourself in the buyer`s shoes. Sell `solutions` - not `things`.



11/24/2007 6:47:55 PM
Cainan said:

this is always true it will help your sales go up as long as you follow this rule you got to know what customers think before you can sell them. bottom line. Put the shoes on the other feet


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